Redhead Design connects people and brands, starts conversations, drives customer journeys and inspires new visual experiences. We do it every day. With a talented team of designers, developers and copywriters, let us showcase your business in print, on screen, in hand, the world over.

Brand Identity


Whether you’re launching a new brand or breathing new life into a tired one, Redhead Design is passionate about brand identity. It’s the very first thing your customers will see and that’s why we only create memorable brands.



First impressions count. That’s why we design print projects that take business further. From stationery to direct marketing, point of sale to posters, exhibition panels to brochures, we love getting your business in print.



Enjoy intelligent design and clear content perfectly pitched for the digital world. Instant engagement, responsive design, good looks and more put businesses and brands on the right platform and keep them fresh at every brand touchpoint.



When you want to make noise on the shelf, make sure it’s the right one. We work with brands to create beautiful packaging that always stands out. Talk to us about how we deliver quality print with more eco credentials built in.